Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - Ultimate Vice City for Windows 10


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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, is another part of the GTA, which filled the gaps in its predecessor and offers even more possibilities. There are new items: motorcycle, jump out of a moving car / engine, making money riding the bus from the stop to stop, ability to fly helicopters, the possibility of buying a business, buying a property with a garage where you can park your car and it is automatically stored there, looting shops ( from pharmacies at jewelry stores). Old elements have been improved: introducing at least a dozen (!) Of new cars compared to GTA III, new motorcycles are: Enduro, choppers and gunboats, the technique was improved boating, military and police since then have their headquarters and Tommy, which we move has more robust when it comes to running. The game's story is interesting, as in GTA III. In the previous game the main theme of the story was complicated gang feud. This time, the story tells of the friendship of Tommy and Lance is woven in gangster settle and it's really great. It shows that the friendship of the mafia is also very valuable but easy to stick to a false friend. Minimum requirements: Processor: Pentium III 1.2 GHz RAM: 256MB Video Card: 32MB Hard disk space: Unknown Sound Card: Unknown Note! Ultimate Vice City is a modem that adds additional elements of the game. The addition will work if you have installed the full version of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.